Flow – The superpower of humans

How many times and in how many circumstances we’d wish to have a secret power of some kind that will immediately solve all of our problems and give us that instant satisfaction of not having to deal with whatever is in front of us. I guess the ultimate superpower would be a Samantha like finger snap and either what you wish for just pops into realty or vice-versa, what you do not want disappears into oblivion. Yeah, I just envisioned that for a sec’ and got drifted away on the amount of things I could do just snapping my fingers right and left! 😛

Back to reality! I am not going to get into the typical mind hack type of talk where I’ll tell you that everything you imagine is possible (it is actually, but takes focus, drive, hard work – things that you already know, have, done…). Let’s take things one step further and because I experienced this myself, I feel like I could have a relatively educated opinion about it and the curated TED talk billow perfectly articulates the mechanics behind it.

FLOW – What is being in a state of flow? How does it feel? Is it real?

Last year I had in front of me the greatest professional challenge of my life, writing and successfully defending my PhD thesis while respecting my self-imposed deadline of 3 years and not a day extra. 1st of March 2016 all I had was my plan and a 7 months deadline. To my supervisor this seemed like an impossible feat not because of my incapability to finish writing (or maybe he did thought that, haha) but because of all the external factors (review, jury validation, and a full list of other admin details that would most probably trigger a domino delay effect that would push my deadline at least 3 months).

What happened next was something even now I cannot say I can fully understand and I am not really sure I’ll be able to replicate soon enough to that extent. Trying though!

I’ve written my thesis in 1 month (obviously, I am not including the 2 years + of research before this phase) and at that time I could only describe it similar to a download. No, I didn’t have a bigger picture in my head of how things were supposed to look like, no I didn’t have a structure. I started from scratch and the process closely resembled to puzzle making to me. You have no freaking idea how the end puzzle is supposed to look like, where are the edges (doesn’t everybody start a puzzle with the edges?!), or even if all the pieces of the puzzle are in the box (most of the time they are NOT!, obviously, life is fun like that)! But hey, you gotta do watcha gotta do! And I started with one piece, the first piece and then I just let go of every aspect of the process. Not over controlling, not over thinking every aspect of it, not imagining apocalyptic scenarios every 5 minutes, I simply trusted the process and just immersed myself in a state of work and do not worry about the results of your work kind of mode. That allowed me to focus on what was in front of me.  1 month later I had the first draft in my hands and I couldn’t believe it made so much sense for someone without a freaking idea of how things would go.

But what intrigued me the most was the state I was throughout that period. I am not going to explain it because Steven Kotler in his TED Talk does it very well. But I felt it, I know it’s possible, it’s just there ready to be tapped in to. And when you do get into that zone where time expands and you feel detached and oblivious to the world around you, there they are – all the pieces of the puzzle are shifting in front of eyes into the right places. You see them clearly sliding into position and then you know what you have to do. You may think, yeah ok, but what about all the things that are not up to you, all the exterior factors that come into play. For me, that was the major shock. This state of release was reverberating throughout the entire process and everything aligned as it was supposed to without any major effort from my part. At least this is how I perceived it! From the outside, things seemed quite normal for my colleagues – I had no perception of time, long nights were the norm and obviously, things weren’t perfect at first try – totally acceptable for someone in my position! hahaha

Recollecting things now validates again how everything is a huge blur with the only sure thing I got from point A to point B but I cannot tell you every step that I took. I guess that is how being in the zone feel like.

Getting my possibly boring testimonial out of the way, I strongly hope we can all get aligned with our inner FLOW and achieve great things. And when I say great things, YOU decide what that means to you! Converge that focus towards your goal and do not look left and right for validation, acceptance, approval!  I guess, in the end…this is one of those mind hack talks…but it’s up to you to find where your in the zone is.

Enjoy the talk and flow freely!

Steven Kotler – How to open up the next level of human performance


The Science of Connectedness

No matter what spiritual path you are following, all of them have at their core the principle of Unity – we are all miniatures of the amazing Universe, interconnected, a giant net breathing together, one heart pulsating on unison, one collective mind. Many paths, one truth.

But this remains a very abstract concept for many of us. Our rational minds try to connect some very practical dots in order to come up with an approachable explanation for what our inner selves admit as undeniable truth. Ok, we are all one but how exactly? Why? What is the purpose of all this? How do you really explain all of this?

Tom Chi (isn’t that a prophetic name – chi, ki, prana and I’ll leave it at that :D), cofounder of Google X and creator of the first Google Glass, – you cannot get a more thecky guy than him – presents in such a compelling manner our parental link with the Universe.

Take a deep breath, open your heart and let your mind wander…while enjoying the TEDx talk of Tom Chi – Everything is connected.

I dream of a future when the concept of spirituality and science dissolve into one another, where the human capability of understanding its true potential transcends everything we’ve seen so far. For lovers of both worlds, spirituality and science, I think we can wake up and realize the gift we are given to live in these times where we can actually witness the perfect way one complements the other and we can finally put behind us the idea that they are mutually exclusive.

Science has a lot of catching up to do but with humans tapping into the Universe’s knowledge we are on the right path.

We are all made of stars in the most literal way!

Resolutions, resolutions everywhere…or not!

Almost half of January flew already and everywhere I look, everywhere I turn I cannot escape the resolution topic.

Pause for a second and breathe deeply and mindfully and think…Ok! A whole year has passed. It was a crappy one or maybe not so much. I learned this and that, I had loads of fun or maybe not so much, anyways at the end of it one thing is certain! There is a new you at the threshold between years. Clearly! But it’s a new you at the threshold between days. A new you 365 times a year! What about that!? Let’s work with that!

Looking back I feel I never was capable of following through this New Year resolutions thing. Drink more water, read more books, travel more, go out more, take that class I always said I would, go there, do this, have more, be more….

Diligently I would work, analyse my past year, make a New Year resolutions list and sooner or later things would just fall apart and I would clearly feel the resentment and judgment and the sense of failure raising. And I just told to myself …if this is how this makes me feel…screw it! I don’t need it in my life! I do no need to feel attached to stuff simply because I said I’d do them at the beginning of the year.

Please do not get me wrong! Obviously, there are so many of you out there for whom this works perfectly. For me, I just realized that I’m such in a whirlwind of transformation for the past couple of years that I do not have the resources to stick to something I feel it’s just not right for me anymore. I made that list, I can surely scrap off anything that doesn’t resonate with me anymore.

You owe it to yourself to remain accountable but in the same time, honest. Learn where to draw the line and say ok, this is it! I give it a shot for some things, I gave it my best for others, I gave it my all in some cases…Yeah, I am done! That takes courage and some freaking resolutions list most people will forget by the end of January because…life, will not stand in the way of your own evolution.

I guess what I am trying to say is to no let yourself overwhelmed with that very specific target you set at the beginning of the year. No, you are not going to become a yogi master in 1 year but hey, you may enjoy it on your own body rhythm. Maybe you are not going to meditate every single day but getting more present in your life while doing the small things like admiring the sky for a minute or giving gratitude for one more day on this freaking awesome planet will be a major improvement. Same goes for your goodreads goal, places to be, people to see, things to do…and that picture you have in your head at a very specific moment in time about yourself. Allow the Universe to surprise you and, trust me, you will be blown away!

Remember…If its fun, if it makes you happy, if it energises you, if it gives you purpose then keep it, have at it! By all means, have at it some more!!!

If it’s not for you…

Yep! Just do it! Do not look back! 🙂 Onward, earthlings! And may your 2016 be filled with all the people and things that make you happy!

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